Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much


Partnering to build a world where all children are safe and getting all there rights met.

Helping Hands Group is an NGO started with the group aims to provide strategic initiatives which benefit the disadvantaged population of South Africa. The NGO was formed in 2019 where it established relationships with business networks within South Africa . We aim to feed 1000 disadvantaged individuals in South Africa and we plan to double the numbers year on year while growing the business network and helping the South African economy. More info new online casino


We facilitate safe learning spaces

The group accommodates for best practices in terms of health and safety in South Africa.We also aim to positively impact on the state general environmental practices in the country as  well.  This safe place gives the children a space where they can make new friends and socials with other children and play indigenous games.


— Our Mission

Our mission is to decrease the number of children and women living in the streets by providing shelter for them and applying anything our power to provide for there needs .We’re on a mission to decrease the number of people living under the bread line and the number of people living in poverty .


— Our Vision

The group aims to feed 1000 disadvantaged individuals in South Africa and we’re planning on doubling the figures every single year.


— Our Story

As a group of four individuals we saw the need for providing shelter to saves our youth and provide hem with educational content and with  food. that’s why w registered our company as an NPO(  registration number k2019251607/08). 


you don't need a reason to help people